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Black Rock offers an impressive portfolio of smartphone accessories. Discover the ultimate display protection for smartphones - the thin glass display protection with premium material from the company SCHOTT.

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Premium 3D Glass Screen Protector

Please note: If you cant find your screen protector here please visit this page. This premium 3D glass screen protector is a shatterproof protection for your display. It protects your screen from breakage, scratches and protects against contamination. The screen protection foil is made of tempered glass with a hardness of 9H. This is only one level lower than sapphire glass and is therefore extremely durable but still has a very high bending strength. In addition, the 3D glass has a rounding at the edges to provide protection to the very edge.

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About our Screen protector

We work with excellent German engineers who combine the best protection with a unique look. In addition to our high-quality cases we also offer premium protection for smartphone displays. Comprehensive protection is only given with all-round protection, consisting of a suitable protective cover and screen protector. For our glasses we use material from SCHOTT, a company with more than 130 years of experience with glass. Our glasses impress with their high quality material and thin design. We offer protective glasses with 0.1 or 0.3 mm thickness and 9H degree of hardness. In addition the protective glasses are shatterproof and your display can still be used without restrictions. Just try it out today, you will be amazed!
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